Groundplan Quinta do Ourives

Location of rooms / suites

In the main house, there are 3 suites. On the ground floor, there are the “Suite” (number 1) and “Suite with Patio” (number 2). On the first floor there is the “Superior Suite with terraces” (number 6) which has very nice views over the surroundings.

In the second building, there are 3 rooms. The Room with patio (number 3), the Room with mezzanine & patio (number 4) and the Family room with patio (number 5). These are all ground floor rooms.

Groundplan Quinta do Ourives

Number 1 = Suite

Number 2 = Suite with patio

Number 3 = Room with patio

Number 4 = Room with mezzanine & patio

Number 5 = Family room with patio

Number 6 = Superior suite with terraces