About Us

About Us

We, that’s Maarten, Elke, Jozefien, Kamiel and Lowie, spent our holidays in the Algarve since 2014. We feel home in this beautiful environment. We enjoy the nice beaches, surfing, exploring the nature and of course the many nice restaurants 😉

As we always walk by real estate agencies in other countries, we got the idea to buy a plot / house in this region. First just for holiday reasons, but when the time passed by we thought by ourselves “Why not moving to this lovely place?”. Why stay in Belgium and plan so many things for “later”.

Hence, we got the idea to build a B&B in stead of a house just for the holidays.

We started looking for the right location and started the paperwork. This process took us at least 4 years in total!

In May 2020, the construction works started and in September 2020 we left Belgium for Portugal. Our kids started school and had to learn the language. We had to follow up the construction works and the preparation for B&B Quinta do Ourives.

At a certain moment in time, we had to think about a name for our B&B. As Elke was a goldsmith in Belgium, we wanted to have a reflection to her passion. Quinta do Ourives means in fact “house of the goldsmith”. Regularly, you will discover items reflecting to Elke’s profession as a goldsmith.

For us, this is a dream coming true.

For you, we hope that you enjoy as much as we do our B&B, the location, the beaches, restaurants….

Welcome at B&B Quinta do Ourives!

Maarten – Elke – Jozefien – Kamiel – Lowie